Performance Art Documentation

Annie Sprinkle


Post Porn Modernist Show 


Performance Relics and documents. 1989-96, suitcase 23"x29"x10" - objects vary, Suitcase containing costumes, props, relics and original scripts. A performance written and performed by Annie Sprinkle. Directed first by Emilio Cubiero, then later by Willem De Ridder. Partial list of performances: The Kitchen (NYC), LeKliene Comedie (Amsterdam), Schmidt Theater (Hamberg), Buddies In Bad Times (Toronto), Highways (LA), Diverseworks (Houston).

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Linda Montano


7 Years of Living Art, and Another 7 Years of Living Art = 14 Years of Living Art


Performance Relic. Dimensions vary, Performance relics. Duration of performance: December 8, 1984 - December 8, 1998. Seven (7) coats and seven (7) pairs of shoes. Coats: Wool, cloth, fur, and gold fabric ink. Shoes: Leather, cloth and rubber.

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Ron Athey


Suicide Box, 4 Scenes in a Harsh Life

Performance relic; wood box, syringes, tie-off, mirror fragment with blood drops, spinal needles, and a surgical scalpel. 9.25"x3.5"x6" closed.

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The Printing Lines, 4 Scenes in a Harsh Life

Performance relic; Rope, plastic clips, steel pulleys, blood, and prints on paper towels. Dimensions variable.

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Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose


Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose

Artworks, Performance Relics and Documentation

Bob Flanagan's Sick, 1991

Video scaffold installation: seven (7) monitors suspended by chains from m/m scaffold; seven (7) video loops; collaborations with Sheree Rose.


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Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist, 1992

Cibachrome photograph, signed verso, edition of 10, with Supermasochist Relics - Hospital gown with leather and steel S&M apparatus.)

30"x24" photograph, relics dimensions variable

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Wall of Pain, 1992

Black and white photographs [approx., 500] and hypodermic needles. 132"x168"

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A Matter of Choice, 1991

Performance relic. Plastic dolls, hooks, line, baby blanket, and basket.


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Photographs - Performance Documentation, circa 1990s

Forty (40) Color and b&w photographs. 16 b&w @ 8"x10" / 5 color @ 8"x10" / 19 color @ 8"x12". Photographs are labeled as to subject and referenced to the book "Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist", RE/Search, 1994.

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Collaboration with Mike Kelley

Bob Flanagan & Mike Kelley

Crouching Naked Behind a Bush..., 1990

Black and white photograph with hand written text. Signed verso by Flanagan and Kelley.


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Bern Porter


The Big A, 1986

Poster board cut-out, signed 22”x17.5”; b&w photograph 10”x8”.

Performance documentation, October 9, 1986, Belfast, Maine. Photograph by Richard Norton, Waldo Independent, Belfast, Maine.